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TYYZ is an architectural and product design firm based in Toronto with a strong philosophy in designing in traditional ways with innovative and environmentally conscious materials to create buildings and products that are well built and of simple timeless design, specializing in custom residential projects and commercial interiors. Within our business, sustainability is an imperative. Our projects typically include geothermal heating, greywater systems, green roofs, water and air heat recovery systems and involve active and passive solar principles. Design services ranges from residential architecture, laneway houses, complex garage or studio buildings, event spaces, trade shows, bridge design, landscaping and prefabricated houses to furniture, lighting and product design.

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"Apart from creation of space that touches us, architecture is in the detail and the capability to create those details with your own hands out of any material. The act of making is equal to the act of drawing. By combining design and manufacturing, one can implement gradual adjustments and evolutionary improvements during the creation process. Knowing how materials will react with the use of the right tool allows one to design beyond the conceptual drawing board."